YETI Tundra 65 ($375)

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022 From premium rotomolded models with excellent ice retention to wheeled designs for easy transport,

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60.9 qts. (57.6L)

29 lbs.

28 to 329 qts.

A premium cooler in every way that should last for years and years.

Expensive for the capacity and heavy.

In the realm of coolers YETI established the concept of high-end which is why the Tundra is the most sought-after and most flexible model. The popular line comes with superior cooling and ice retention capabilities that are rotomolded, thick structure that’s stronger and less susceptible for cracking than the injection-molded models such as those in the RTIC above. Additionally, it comes with a convenient basket to store dry items, secure closures and numerous tie-down slots that allow you to securely secure it to truck beds or boats. Additionally is that the Tundra is a bear-resistant model that has been certified (locks are available for purchase separately at $30) this is an excellent feature for those planning to be in bear-friendly territory. Add YETI’s sleek styling and a wide selection of sophisticated color options ranging from simple light olive to dark white as well. The Tundra 65 is an exceptionally attractive and well-built choice for everything from vehicle camping, road tripping and long hours in the waters (provided there is a large size raft or boat).

The main drawback of purchasing the YETI is the price. Its MSRP is $375 (a YETI is a fantastic option to purchase at a bargain) it is higher priced than similar models from brands such as RTIC as well as ORCA. Furthermore to that, it is worth noting that the “65” that is in name of the Tundra is an error due to its thick walls of 2 inches and capacity being more like 60-quarts (the different Tundra sizes are less than the names of the products would suggest). The Tundra’s rotomolded construction means that it isn’t equipped with add-ons such as cups or a bottle opener. For the injection-molded, yet still top-quality alternative (injection-molded coolers usually have many more features) For more information, check out the OtterBox Venture above. However, if you’re looking for the YETI cooler, we can are aware of. There’s a cost for the brandname, however it’s impossible to beat the endurance of an rotating cooler (ours is in good shape for more than 10-years) as well as the Tundra is a great track performance record.