YETI Lowlands Blanket ($200)

From warm and cozy down-insulated models to budget-friendly synthetic and fleece options, we break down the year’s top camping blankets

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5 lbs. 12.8 oz.

A waterproof and highly durable option that can be used as both a blanket and ground tarp.

Noticeably hefty and lacks the all-out comfort of standard camping blankets.

Cooler huge YETI is well-known for their high-end design of camping gear including the Lowlands Blanket is the one that carries the torch. It is a break from the more conventional designs it is the Lowlands is actually 2 blankets. The interior is comfortably padded by synthetic insulation and the exterior is a strong and waterproof coating that eliminates pet hair, water and other snares. To illustrate we poured a full water bottle onto the blanket in the course of testing and the droplets were quickly beaded up and fell off the top of the blanket without sinking through the cloth. Dirt build-up is a similar situation and even with a wet dog laid on top for long periods of time and hours, the Lowlands were surprisingly clean at the time the test was over. For clarity the blanket is big and stiff to snuggle around the fire, so it’s ideal as a ground cloth. However, the comfortable and cozy top offers an element of flexibility if you wish to wrap the sides to wrap around your legs to keep warm.

YETI isn’t the only one with a design similar to this and the Lowlands definitely isn’t cheap. With a substantial $50 savings (for the size XL) Nemo’s well-known Victory Blanket also sports a waterproof bottom, and comes with useful features like a pocket for stash and a strap that keeps the bag neatly wrapped when it’s packed. It’s also a lot smaller, though it’s not insulated and doesn’t provide the same dual-purpose versatility like the Lowlands. It’s true that the YETI is distinguished by its practical multi-purpose construction that is ideal for camping, concerts tailgates and other events where you need both ground protection as well as insulation. If you are able to afford the price the YETI is an extremely well-constructed and practical all-round design.