79 x 35 x 18 in.


15 (Lo), 16, 18 cu. ft.


Dual side


Up to 185cm

What we like:

A luxury cargo box both inside and out.

What we don’t:

The Thule Motion XT is better in high winds.

Beauty is dependent on the eyes of the viewer, but if we to award an award for the most attractive cargo box, it’d likely be awarded towards the GrandTour. If you have a luxurious vehicle that has an empty roof rack then the Yakima is a great choice and comes with a high-gloss surface with a sophisticated, narrow and long profile, and a contoured base that helps keep it just below the crossbars. Inside, it gets fashion points too: The mounting system has an adjustable knob to tighten each clamp before storing it away to the side, giving you an attractive, flat foundation and more space to store your equipment. If you’re looking to increase the capacity of your skis and suitcases or dirty bike gear or even your child’s mobile crib The GrandTour is a sturdy and attractive device for the task at hand.

The GrandTour has a design and features to these other top-quality boxes listed here that is, it opens from both sides, comes with tie-down points that can be used to secure your equipment (including straps) and also has stiffeners to reduce the chance of the lid from slipping to the minimum. Comparing it to the top-rated Motion XT, performance drops little bit due to the less sturdy design for the nose, however the Yakima costs about $20 less ($779 as compared to. $1800 in the 16-cu.-ft. models) and also has a sleeker design. In addition, as with SkyBox above, like SkyBox above, you’ll get large, user-friendly handles that allow you to open and close the box. open and lock it shut as well as SKS lock on each side (cool feature that this “same Key System” is able to be exchanged for an identical core, which allows users to utilize the same key for the entirety the Yakima product). If you’re looking for exquisite, stylish design, check out Thule’s Vector below.


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