83 x 38 x 15 in.


16 (Solar), 16, 18 cu. ft.


Dual side


Up to 185cm

What we like:

Rugged aesthetic and great interior space.

What we don’t:

Expensive and heavy.

The GrandTour above is among our most loved models for luxury cars however, some may want something more rugged to go with their adventure-oriented rig. Then there’s the CBX which is another top-quality model from Yakima and this time sporting a more elegant and full-bodied design that is a great match for high-end utility automobiles. As with the GrandTour CBX’s mounting system utilizes a movable knob to adjust the tightness and looseness of the mounts, which results in a flat-floor as well as more room than comparable models. Add a huge length of 83 inches (91 in. when using CBX 18), and you get a huge 83-inch length. CBX 18) This gives you a very practical hauler that is able to handle more difficult objects such as skis (up to 181cm) and much more.

CBX 16 CBX 16 is one of the biggest as well as longest-lasting cargo containers available with dimensions comparable to those of many 18-cubic-foot versions (despite the 16-cu.-ft. specifications). However, it’s worth noting that it’s quite heavy, weighing 57 pounds. Unless you’re carrying light objects it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fully take advantages of the space prior to the roof’s load capacity. Additionally, compared with the biggest size (22 cu. feet.) in our most rated Motion XT, the CBX 16 is still around 70 dollars more (and the price increases to $170 when you buy CBX 18). CBX 18), which could be worth it due to the sleek exterior. We should also note that the CBX also comes with the “Solar” version that has an installed solar panel which we’ll discuss below. It’s priced at $520 more expensive than the standard 16 cubic-foot model Most people who live off grid will prefer to purchase the solar panel (or two) in a separate purchase.


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