Xspec Pro 60 Quart ($250)

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022 From premium rotomolded models with excellent ice retention to wheeled designs for easy transport,

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60 qts. (56.8L)

31 lbs.

Fun features in a burly, rotomolded build.

Not bear-certified and doesn’t come with a basket for dry goods.

Rotomolded coolers, like those from YETI’s Tundra above are constructed from a single piece solid plastic that is excellent for strength, but they usually lack features built in and mounting points. The 60 Quart from Xspec is an exceptional exception, with a sturdy rotomolded design however, it also comes with an array of features, such as bottle openers that are integrated, as well as the compass, as well as and an air-release valve (in addition to the standard drain plug that is standard on all models) in addition to an instrument to determine the size of an individual fish. The price is lower than the similar-sized Tundra 65 by $125 and the Xspec is an outstanding example of an exceptionally well-rounded product for a very reasonable price.

Apart from the drop in cost however, there are important differences among two models: the Xspec Pro model and YETI Tundra. In particular it is the Xspec does not have a bear-proof certification–a negative for those who often stay within areas in which bear-proof equipment is mandatory. It also doesn’t have dry goods baskets which is useful in keeping food fresher longer (although it’s a inexpensive item to buy separately in the event that you find one that is compatible with your). Additionally, some users have noticed that ice melts faster than in a YETI however, it’s impossible to deny the Xspec’s mix of features, price and overall build quality.