Cooking method:


Average cook time:

10-12 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Incredibly nutrient dense.

What we don’t:

Steep price tag of $13 for a single serving.

In a sea of noodles-filled meals in the backcountry Paleo Meals To Go’s protein-rich and gluten-free options are refreshing and do not have necessarily be paleo in order to get these meals. Its Mountain Beef Stew Pouch we tested had a dazzling ingredient listthat included beef spices, vegetables as well as sea salt. The meat (free grass-fed, free-range and completely natural) particularly stood out as it maintained the flavor and feel of genuine meat much better than other meats frozen-dried that we’ve had the pleasure of trying.

One of the major drawbacks to the delicious meals is the shelf time, which, as per on the Wild Zora website, is just two years from the date of manufacturing. However, we purchased the meal in April, and it had an expiration date of 11 November of that same year. Paleo Meals to Go cost a lot of $13 for one portion in fact. For that amount you could get three portions of Backpacker’s Pantry. The price difference can be seen in the comparison of nutrition when you consider that for one serving of Beef Stew from Mountain House you’ll receive 15 percent of your daily recommended Vitamin A and 15 percent of Vitamin C as well as 88% of Iron. One portion from Paleo Meals To Go’s Beef Stew Pouch has 3250 percent, 45%, and 90 percent according to. This is an important benefit for those who want to focus on getting more than calories from their backpacking meals.

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