Trailtopia Adventure Food ($10 – $14)

Cooking method:


Average cook time:

8-15 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Quality ingredients and convenient packaging.

What we don’t:

Doesn’t stand out in any other way.

As with the meals from brands like Good To-Go and Heather’s Choice the ingredient lists at Trailtopia are stuffed with all-natural food items without preservatives or chemicals. For instance, take the Cajun Smack Chicken & Rice as an example. It is akin to a dinner you’d make at home, with long-grain rice and chicken, broccoli, onions bell pepper, spices. We’re also a big fan of their stout and short packaging (you will not have to fish using a spoon) and sample packs allow you to sample various meals for a price prior to committing to larger serving sizes. In addition, the meals are packaged to serve two (some single portions are also available) You are also able to purchase the meat “side packets” to boost your protein intake.

Trailtopia’s food is healthy and delicious this is fantastic news after an extended hike. But with only 49.4 calories for every dollar it’s not a excellent value in comparison to the other options as you can put more calories and an lower weight by using brands such as Next Mile Meals and Peak Refuel. The menu, too, is basic and bland however, you’ll need to look around to locate vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan choices (you cannot filter them specifically, but these categories are available on the page for the product). However, despite these minor issues we’ve had a blast savoring numerous Trailtopia food item and we give them our fullest recommendation to those searching for authentic trail food.

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