Therm-a-Rest Parsec 20 ($450)

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32˚F EN Comfort, 20˚F Lower Limit

1 lb. 12 oz.

16 oz. of 800-fill down

Fully featured for a relatively low weight.

Not as warm as the Hummingbird YF above but still heavier.

Therm-aRest has a variety of sleeping bags that cover everything from ultralight camping to car camping and the Parsec is a result of their vast experience. It offers front-country comfort at an ultra-lightweight (1 1 lb. 12 oz.) and packs easily and packable design, the Parsec 20 (also available in 32@ and 0@ models) comes with 16 ounces of 800-fill down, along with many other noteworthy characteristics. It has a sleek, zip that isn’t snag-prone (it isn’t reliable in our tests, but it certainly cut down on hang-ups) and draft tubes and a foot pocket that is down-stuffed for extra warmth and an outside pocket to keep your necessities. We’ve used the Parsec through the winter months, both van-camping and backpacking scenarios and were awestruck by how soft it is in such a light weight and size.

Parsec 20 Parsec 20 goes head-to-head with top bags such as The Feathered Friends’ Hummingbird YF 20 above, and the Therma-Rest Hyperion below. One of the biggest distinctions between these bags is in the dimensions the Parsec is much larger in comparison to both Hummingbird and Hyperion and measures 62 inches of space at in the front and 56 inches inches at the hip (the Hummingbird is 58 and 52 inches. as well, while The Hyperion is 57 inches wide and 49.5 inches.). The price is higher for comfort the weight, and even though it is less heavy and more compact, the Hummingbird remains the warmer bag, with 14 pounds of down that is filled with 900 gallons. If you’re looking for a large comfortable, plush and versatile bag that is suitable for all-season use it is the Parsec 20 is nevertheless a top-quality bag for cheaper than its competitors.