Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm ($230)

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Air pad

15 oz.

2.5 in.


High R-value for 4-season backpacking.

Pricey and overkill for most conditions.

If you travel throughout the year or are experiencing sub-freezing temperatures during their trips to backpack, Therm-a Rest’s NeoAir XTherm is having a take a look. This pad features the same light internal bizarre design as the famous XLite (listed beneath) however, it comes with the silver interior (literally) that is equipped with ThermaCapture technology. The design mimics an emergency blanket by reflecting your body heat, resulting in the pad an rating of 6.9 with a minimal size and weight. We should not forget that it’s just as comfortable as others NeoAir models, sporting the shape gradually tapering and small, minimal horizontal baffles for sleeping on.

The price is the main obstacle with the Therm-aRest XTherm, which is a many backpackers and the pad priced at a hefty $230 for the standard size (the larger size is more than that at $260). Additionally, the R-value of 6.9 is great for colder weather but not sufficient for most 3-season trips. However the XTherm has a stronger 70-denier fabric for the bottom over that of the XLite (30D) and this is an important difference. If you’re looking for more warmth, and you can afford it the XTherm is a winter-time favorite for serious adventurers.