Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite ($200)

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Air pad

12 oz.

2.5 in.


Ultralight, comfortable, and durable.

A little thin and crinkly, $10 more than the Tensor above.

Therm-aRest is synonymous with top quality backpacking pads. The NeoAir XLite the top lightweight model. For a lot of people and different uses the entire package The XLite is a comfortable fit with its signature internal baffling and weighs only 12 pounds (2.5 2 oz. less than our most rated Tensor above) and its rating of 4.2 is sufficient for the majority of three-season excursions (the women’s version is warmer with 5.4). Furthermore it is XLite is extremely compact and occupies a tiny space in your bag In addition, it comes with a very durable 30 denier fabric.

The Therma-Rest XLite as well as Nemo Tensor Insulated are neck and neck in our top choice with only slight differences in the price, weight and durability. They also offer a more comfortable and durable. The XLite is just a little heavier than Tensor and slightly more robust, but the price is a higher price (by 10%) with a half inch smaller cushion. We do give a slight advantage to the Nemo’s valve we appreciate the XLite’s WingLock that has an inflation mechanism that is one-way for greater effectiveness and comes with plastic “wings” on the sides which can be opened to release air quickly. Both models are great for light backpackers. Your decision may be based on size The Nemo is available in rectangular and mummy forms, as well as two widths and lengths as well as The Therm-a-Rest, is available in three lengths as well as an extra-wide model (all Mummy-shaped) and an option for women’s models.