Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite ($220)

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Air pad

8.8 oz.

2.5 in.


Crazy light and surprisingly comfortable.

Limited durability and insulation.

The design is based on the wildly popular NeoAir line, the appropriately called NeoAir UberLite is Therm-a-Rest’s lightest product to date cutting 3.2 grams off of the XLite that is above. The design of the rest is very similar. The same horizontal baffling style makes the UberLite the same as other NeoAir products, and the dimensions are similar to XLite for all sizes The pad also has the WingLock valve to allow for simple inflation as well as deflation. It’s all good, and the UberLite packs down less than a 1 liter Nalgene (Therm-a-Rest generously increased the stuff bag a slightly larger with a recent upgrade) and allows it to hide in the crevices of your bag.

Its NeoAir UberLite has a lot of appeal for people looking to cut down on their base weight, but, surprisingly it has some disadvantages. The R-value is 2.3 The pad was adequate for us as temperatures reached the upper 40s However, it could not be warm enough for spring and summer excursions high into the alpine. Furthermore, the 15-denier fabric is even more thin than the XLite’s supple 30-denier shell and prone to painful punctures. We seem to make holes in our UberLite nearly every time we leave. At a cost of $20 less than the XLite, we would prefer its more versatility, however for summer-time adventures where weight is your main concern The UberLite is the ideal pad to choose.