Therm-a-Rest Juno Blanket ($70)

From warm and cozy down-insulated models to budget-friendly synthetic and fleece options, we break down the year’s top camping blankets

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13.5 oz.


The lightest blanket on our list.

Minimally insulated and less roomy than the competition.

Rumpl’s Featherlite above is our top ultralight, packable and lightweight option however, its $399 price costs are too much for many. Take Therm-a-Rest’s Juno Blanket, which checks at just 13.5 pounds (2.5 oz. smaller than Rumpl) and substitutes the top down fill with an inferior synthetic version to reduce costs. When we tested the Juno it, we found the polyester lining soft and comfortable against the skin. Additionally, snaps along the edges allow it to be easily secured on your shoulders so that you can be hands-free. It’s not as compact as the Featherlite with its dimensions of 9.5 by 11 inches when packed down (the Rumpl is 5 x 8 inches. ) However, it fits inside its pockets and occupies very little space in a duffel bag.

What’s not to love about the Therm-aRest Juno? First of all it’s not huge in length at just 72 inches and width of 45 inches. To give you an idea these models, the Rumpl Featherlite and top-rated Original Puffy measure 75×52 inches and offer significantly better coverage of the legs and upper body while sitting down. Also the Juno is a weight-based model that prioritizes overall warmth, so it’s not the most ideal option for colder temperatures (although it’s fantastic on warmer summer nights and shoulder-season nights). However, at 70 dollars it’s a steal. Juno is an excellent value from Therma-Rest. It also looks a lot like their higher-priced (and larger) Stellar above.