Therm-a-Rest Hyperion 20 ($500)

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32°F EN Comfort, 20°F Lower Limit

1 lb. 4 oz.

13 oz. of 900-fill down

An ultralight mummy bag with an incredibly small packed size.

Expensive; narrow cut with little insulation on the bottom.

Therm-a-Rest is a pro two about camping in the backcountry and the Hyperion, a lightweight model, is an example. The specifications on this sleeping bag are awe-inspiring including a 20-degree Lower limit rating with 900-fill goose-down, and a weight of only 1 4 lbs (that’s not a typo). It’s comparable to the no-hooded Feathered Friends Tanager (1 lb. 2.6 oz.) below, which can be remarkable considering the Hyperion’s hood and zipper. Also, did we mention the tiny pack size? Look at the photo in our buying tips below to see an example.

How does Therm-a-Rest accomplish this feat using the Hyperion? It’s a highly radical design that is tapered (read that it’s not super spacious) as well as patterning 70% of down right on to the upper part of the body. It is recommended to have a sleeping pad with a decent R-value in order to protect you from the elements If you decide to roll over on your back and take the bag along it’s likely that you’ll be cold. Additionally, the Hyperion has the half-length zipper that helps in reducing weight, but doesn’t offer much to ventilate during warm evenings (that being said, it’s still an improvement over the zipper-less Tanager). It’s a somewhat shabby design, and is a hefty price at 500 dollars, but the Therm-aRest is a top-quality bag for those who travel in the season of shoulder.