The North Face Wawona 6 ($475)

Floor area:

86.1 sq. ft.

Peak height:

80 in.


4P, 6P


20 lbs. 15 oz

What we like:

Open interior and massive vestibule at a good value.

What we don’t:

Time-consuming to set up, partial-coverage rainfly, and mesh door is draft-prone.

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The North Face can be hit or miss in the market for camping however they do have an impressive selection within the Wawona collection. Recently updated, the most significant change was the hybrid double-wall structure (the previous generation was an unbreathable single-wall construction) Also, they revamped the structure of poles to make the setup easy. Available in four and six-person configurations The tunnel-like design is like Rei’s Wonderland 6 below and provides an ample amount of space inside, which includes approximately 3 areas of flooring space and 2 inches of peak height, all at approximately $125 less. We also love the huge front vestibule (44.7 square. feet.) which can be used to be a seating space. To have the same functionality as the Wonderland You’ll need to buy the Mud Room accessory ($125) on its own. In all the Wawona is an impressively liveable design with a fantastic overall price.

Even with the modernized pole structure, we discovered that the Wawona was significantly laborious and time-consuming to put up. The vestibule is one of the areas that must be secured tightly in order in order to remain upright, and the pole’s unique structure took a while to become taut and sturdy. The benefit is that the double-wall structure vents significantly better than a tent with a single wall like the NEMO Wagontop above and is also less susceptible to accumulating moisture during rainy or humid conditions. A few final nitpicks concern the rainfly, which does not completely cover the lower part of the tent. Additionally, a mesh door could be the cause of significant drafts and loss of heat in cold weather (for an option that is more weather-proof check out the REI Base Camp below). There’s no perfect tent The Wawona’s heavy mesh construction, spacious interior, and low price earn the title of our best tent for 2022.

The North Face Wawona 6 camping tent_0

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