SteriPen Ultra UV Water Purifier ($130)


UV purifier


4.9 oz.

Lamp life:

8,000 liters

What we like:

Lightweight purification without the chemical aftertaste. .

What we don’t:

Relies on USB charge.

For more than 10 years, SteriPen has held a distinctive position in the world of water purification. Instead of the many gravity-based filters, pumps and chemical drops in this page, the SteriPen’s tech utilizes UV rays to kill protozoa, bacteria, as well as viruses. It’s as easy as placing the SteriPen inside your reservoir or water bottle and shake it until it indicates that it’s done. It can take around 90 seconds to purify one Liter. The Ultra model is our top model, which has a tough 2.9-ounce construction, a helpful LCD display and an easy rechargeable via USB.

We are in love with the idea of the SteriPen however, we have mixed feelings after prolonged usage. The absence of filtration isn’t ideal and, unless you do not mind drinking silt or other particles, you’re only limited to water sources that move at adequate depth. The second issue is that the SteriPen has a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In the event it runs out and you don’t have a charger for your portable then you’re left in the wild without any water purification (SteriPen also has a selection of models compatible with AA). In the end, when you use the SteriPen is difficult to be sure that it actually worked, rational or not. Did I submerge the device to in the wrong amount or was it too little? Do I have the right procedure? We’ve never had a problem due to using the SteriPen therefore, those worries aren’t fully realized.

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