Soto Amicus Stove Cookset Combo ($45)

Fuel type:



11.2 oz. (stove only: 2.9 oz.)

Integrated pot

No (pot included)

What we like:

A great starter kit for a competitive price.

What we don’t:

Not particularly lightweight and cookset isn’t very high quality.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for a light and affordable set-up It’s impossible to not choose this Soto Amicus Stove and Cookset. At the same cost that is the MSR PocketRocket 2 above, you can get a similar stove and two cookwares that are a bargain. Also, the Soto isn’t that far off from that of the MSR with regards to specifications It’s the PocketRocket 2 that wins out in weight (0.3 pounds lighter) and ease of use (less moving parts mean less work), and the Amicus comes with a smaller size, an ignitor built-in, and comes with a powerful punch with 10,000 BTUs. When you add it all up the two, it’s an excellent overall deal and an excellent set-up for both budget-conscious and novice backpackers as well.

The Soto’s 500 and 1,000-milliliter aluminum cookwares are ideal for cooking and boiling water for two to three people The smaller one serves as a lid or personal mug too. However, while 11.2 pounds for two pots and a stove isn’t a lot in and of itself, the pots aren’t of the highest quality, and you could save a the weight by choosing an aluminum cook set. If you’d prefer to stick to a one-stop shop It’s worth checking for this Optimus Crux Lite Solo System (9.6 oz. 60$) and the PocketRocket2 Mini Stove Kit ($90) However, it’s the Soto is the obvious value winner. Keep in mind that you can also buy the Amicus stove by itself for just $45 (or $40 with the ignitor not included) however at the same cost, we’d rather use the pots.

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