Fuel type:



9 oz

Integrated pot


What we like:

Simple, efficient, and can double as a windscreen for an alcohol stove.

What we don’t:

Some wilderness areas do not permit wood stoves.

Alternative-fuel stoves are a great choice for those who hike thru or want to keep their weight down. If you choose an alcohol, wood or tablet-burning designs (we discuss the different areas in our buying guide below) it is possible to eliminate the bulky and heavy gas canisters commonly used by stoves, and bring smaller fuel containers or hunting in the woods for biomass (wood pinecones, pinecones, etc.) instead. It’s the Solo Stove Lite. Solo Stove Lite is our most popular alternative-fuel choice of the year, featuring an incredibly versatile design that can burn wood, and can also be used as a pot support and windscreen in the event of an alcohol fire (a good backup in case you’re hiking beyond the treeline). With a double-wall construction that circulates hot air and then feeds air directly into the burning embers and directs the flame by utilizing a tiny opening in the top. the Solo is a step ahead of other wood-burning stoves when it comes to the time to boil and performance.

This Solo Stove Lite is ideal for those who are interested about ultralight gear, however, it’s not the tiniest nor the most compact stove. In the event that “8-pound basis weight” is in your vocabulary, then you’ll prefer models such as those from the Trangia Spirit Burner or the Esbit Pocket Stove below (Solo also has an 3.5-oz. alcohol burner that fits within Stove Lite here). Stove Lite here). Of course, alternative fuel stoves aren’t as efficient as stoves that use liquid or canisters in terms of power or boil times however if you like relaxing in the camp it shouldn’t be an issue. Keep in mind that wood-burning stoves tend to be restricted in areas of fragile wilderness or in areas that are susceptible to wildfires. However, for those looking for something different Solo’s Stove Light is a great introduction to stoves using alternative fuels and it’s easy to maintain and simple to use.

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