Solo Stove Campfire Stove ($110) 








2 lbs. 3.2 oz.

What we like:

A light and portable wood-burning stove that doubles as a fire pit.

What we don’t:

Not as versatile as many of the picks above.

Solo Stove is known for the thoughtfully constructed with portable fireplace pits as well as the Campfire Stove is arguably the most robust of all. Similar to the BioLite CampStove 2+ it, the Campfire operates on fuel, rather than wood which means that there is no necessity to buy and carry fuel canisters for trips. But, unlike BioLite stove, this Solo Stove is decidedly low-tech and straightforward. What it does: Intake holes in the bottom of the chamber , which channel air up , and then through smaller openings on the top, keeping smoke to a minimum and permitting the fire to burn evenly and evenly. When it’s time to cook an inset ring that is placed at near the center of the cooktop focuses heating in the center of the pan or pot and also protects against the elements.

The Campfire is a unique and practical option to cook simple meals in specific regions, however there are some inherent disadvantages with the wood-burning method. The first and most important thing is to suggest doing some research prior to the time to make sure you’re aware of the conditions, terrain and regulations. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough dry wood as well as that there aren’t any fire restrictions in the area. From a performance perspective there is a lack of quality and precision in comparison to conventional two-burner models. The output can vary based on the kind and the quality of wood used and the design and design of the fireplace, external factors such as winds, and so on. We do like that it’s a two-in-one Campfire. It’s a stove as well as a fire pit at the same time. We also see many benefits to use in the home as well for hosting a backyard party or simply want to cook marshmallows with your children.


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