Sea to Summit Camp SI Sleeping Mat ($70)

Double-wide and extremely comfortable, Exped’s premium self-inflating sleeping pad provides an excellent night's sleep for two

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Self-inflating mat

72 x 20 x 1.5 in. (Regular)

1 lb. 11 oz.


Light, compressible, and affordably priced.

It’s the thinnest pad on our list.

As with REI’s Trailbreak above Sea To Summit’s Camp SI Sleeping Mat is a basic, but inexpensive self-inflating product. At only 70 dollars ($5 over the Trailbreak) it comes with sturdy construction, with heavy fabric, an R-value for three seasons of 4.2 and a straightforward but useful one-way valve to allow fast and effortless inflating and deflating. With a weight of 1 pound 11 ounces and 6.5 13 inches in size when packed it is very light and portable (for the design of a car camping vehicle) and even beats Nemo’s Quasar 3D air mat by just a few pounds. If you’re planning to add backpacking into your plans, then the light bulk and high compression make the Camp an ideal choice for crossovers.

The Sea to Summit Camp comes slightly less than it should in a number of key measurements in comparison to the Trailbreak. Its 1.5-inch thickness is tiniest of our selection and pushes our comfort zone for camping (the Trailbreak is 1.75 in. ) Also, the Camp can also be tapered at the bottom of the ridge (the REI has a symmetrical shape). Sea to Summit has the improved Camp Plus model which is 3-inches thick, and is rectangular however it’s more expensive at $90 for the standard large model. Overall in all, unless you intend to use the mat for camping as well as backpacking, we believe that it’s best to go with the REI is the best model for the price. If you’re on less tight budgets, Kelty’s mistral SI and Coleman’s self-inflating camp pad below will cost you around $40, but they compromise on comfort.