Bottle/inline filter


3 oz.

Filter life:


What we like:

Super lightweight, fast flow rate, long-lasting.

What we don’t:

You’ll have to buy extra gear to optimize your setup.

The Sawyer Squeeze represents ultralight water treatment, and has been a staple in the thru-hiking world for many years. It comes with a variety of factors that make it a winner that make it a great choice, such as a sleek 3 ounce design, a guarantee for life (Sawyer does not even produce replacement cartridges) as well as a reasonable cost. It’s also extremely versatile. It’s the simplest way to use it: you simply fill one of the 32-ounce bottles with water that is dirty and then squeeze it into the reservoir or bottle that is clean or a cooking pot or directly to your mouth. Sawyer comes with adapters, that allow you to make use of the Squeeze as an inline filter for your water bladder, or as the form of a gravity set-up (great for group camping and basecamping) using additional reservoirs or bottles.

It is no secret that the Sawyer Squeeze has seen no shortage of competition over the past few times, particularly from newcomers such as those from Platypus QuickDraw and the LifeStraw the Peak Squeeze. These designs address the main problem regarding the Sawyer pouches. The Sawyer’s bags have handles that are not rounded and flat, which make water collection difficult and difficult, but they also suffer from severe issues with their durability (we suggest making use of a Smartwater bottle or a more durable Evernew or CNOC reservoirs instead). However, despite our complaints there is no other filter that is even close to matching the versatility and durability of the Squeeze and durability, which are certainly a plus for those who wish to get the most of their equipment. If you’d prefer to be less bulky, Sawyer also offers “Mini” and “Micro” versions, though they both have incredibly high flow rate that do

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