Bottle filter (inline adaptors available)


2 oz.

Treatment ratio:

100,000 gallons

What we like:

Feathery light.

What we don’t:

We’ll stick with the better-performing and longer-lasting Sawyer Squeeze.

One less ounce and $36 cheaper in comparison to the Squeeze above and below, this Sawyer Mini is one of the smallest and lightest water filters available. Similar to the Squeeze Mini, the Mini can be attached to its bag or any other compatible water bottles to allow the water to be filtered directly into the mouth of your drink vessel. It is necessary to purchase adapters for inline use with the gravity system or hydration reservoir However, the Mini is a good alternative for those who prefer a basic bottle filter. Although the 100,000-gallon filter’s life span is not as impressive as the standard Squeeze’s lifetime warranty however, it’s still an incredible value in comparison to the majority of options on this list.

It shouldn’t be an unsurprising fact that the cheaper Mini is more difficult to filter and more susceptible to blockage. We took the Mini to a 4-day excursion through Patagonia (with crystal clear waters) It required a lot of suction when used with a smart water bottle that we used the gravity filter in our group instead. In addition, the 16-ounce container isn’t ideal to fill regular water bottles. We’ve encountered issues with leaks and delaminations on the majority bags we’ve used Sawyer bags. The bottom line is that we wouldn’t suggest the Mini for any other purpose than for emergencies, particularly considering that the Squeeze is a functional alternative that costs just one 20 cents more. If you’re looking to minimize weight you should also check for Hydroblu Versa Flow. Hydroblu Versa Filter it’s extremely light at 2.6 grams, but with higher flow rates over the Mini.

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