Rumpl Sherpa Fleece Blanket ($59)

From warm and cozy down-insulated models to budget-friendly synthetic and fleece options, we break down the year’s top camping blankets

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1 lb. 12.8 oz.

Cozy materials at a budget-friendly price.

Fairly small and not built for inclement weather.

One last camping blanket to be aware of can be Rumpl’s Sherpa Fleece. Similar to similar to the ENO FieldDay above and the Sherpa makes use of fleece insulation for comfortable warmth and softness next to the skin. The Rumpl’s variant is significantly loftier (they make use of high-pile fleece) which results in an incrediblely soft and luxurious feel. Another benefit is the absence of an outer shell. This makes it less susceptible to snags or tears (it’s perfect for campers who have pets). Include the brand’s useful Cape Clip and approachable $59 cost and the Sherpa is an affordable and flexible option for all kinds of activities, from cold summer camps to fall football games as well as picnics, outdoor concerts and so on.

What is the reason we have this Rumpl Sherpa Fleece Blanket ranked as the lowest on our list? The most significant drawback is the inability to withstand weather: It doesn’t come with a DWR coating for snow and rain as well as wind cuts through the basic fleece structure. Stains and dirt also are more likely to collect (we recommend choosing dark colors). At 70x50ins this Sherpa has a smaller size than other options available, including the 72 inches x 58 inches ENO FieldDay that is above. Additionally, some customers have complained that the fleece with a high pile will pimple up after repeated washing. We suggest applying a gentle cycle and air drying to extend the life span of the product. The end result is that these concerns will make the Sherpa towards the bottom of our list, however it’s still a good choice to use both indoors and outdoors. use for a fair cost.