RovR Products TravelR 30 Soft Cooler ($250)




4 lbs. 7 oz.

Other sizes:


What we like:

More features and a higher-quality build than the RTIC Soft Pack above.

What we don’t:

Over double the price.

RovR Products’ RollR collection made them a household name in the category of wheeled coolers with their competitive combination of durability and retention. Their latest TravelR 30 takes aim at the soft-sided market, but it retains the qualities we like about the RollR which includes a robust design and attention to the smallest of details. Much like the top-rated RTIC Soft Pack above, the TravelR is well-insulated with high-quality sealed-cell foam (unfortunately, RovR does not offer an ice retention specification) and makes use of the most durable materials to prolong its life. The two coolers have key features in common, such as the waterproof zippers and shoulder straps which are both well-padded and detachable. In addition with the TravelR is a different premium and thoughtfully constructed model from the Boulder-based company.

What is the difference between RovR TravelR 30 as well as the RTIC Soft Pack 30 have in common? The first is that the RovR is the more robust of the two , with an extremely strong TPU base and weld seams. Additionally, it’s equipped with a webbing mechanism around the outside for securing additional gear as well as an antimicrobial lines to keep the items fresher for over time (although there’s no pocket outside to store smaller items). The third thing to note is that the RovR is priced at one hundred dollars more than RTIC. It’s certainly a substantial price increase however, when you’re ready to splash out on the TravelR, the TravelR is an exciting new product to the market, and is among the coolers with the best design and style. It’s also made to fit the KeepR from RovR that is an insulated picnic hamper with removable inserts that can be used to hold items such as glasses, wine bottles as well as utensils and smaller containers for food items.


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