Roofnest Sparrow ($3,195)

From budget-friendly softshells to rugged hard-top designs, we break down the year’s best rooftop tents

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28.2 sq. ft'.

40 in.

2, 2+

Easy setup and great headroom.

Expensive for its size and not compatible with an annex.

Recently revamped The Sparrow is a testament to Roofnest’s focus on detail. On the exterior it’s a stunning design. The ABS or fiberglass shell is sturdy lightweight and aerodynamic and, unlike softshells, can be able to accommodate the waterproof bag (included when you purchase the tent) as well as a solar panel. Inside, you’ll find a comfortable, 3 inch-thick mattress (our test subjects agree) as well as three doors that have awnings and ladder attachments that provide excellent livability. The Sparrow is easy to pop open (it is done by one person in less than one minute) It is also possible to even keep your bedding inside as you pack your tent (a important disadvantage to that Falcon earlier). In all, Roofnest’s 2-person pop-up is one our top tents for solo or couples seeking to reduce the hassle and increase convenience.

Without annex compatibility, and a the comparatively small footprint The Sparrow would not be the first choice for long excursions or basecamping. However anyone who has to move frequently will appreciate the ease of use. In comparison to other pop-up tents, such as those from the AutoHome Maggiolina and James Baroud Evasion below the Sparrow is Sparrow is a lot more affordable as well as you can take the canopy off and use it as a storage box when you need more storage space. Additionally, Roofnest also offers the 9-inch larger Sparrow Extra Large ($3,495) as well as Sparrow Adventure ($3,495). Sparrow Adventure (available with two different sizes) that has similar features, however with added crossbars and rails so that you can bring everything to go (just be aware of your vehicle’s weight limit).