Roofnest Falcon 2 ($3,595)

From budget-friendly softshells to rugged hard-top designs, we break down the year’s best rooftop tents

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28.7 sq. ft.

60 in.

2, 2+

Durable aluminum shell; low-profile design that accommodates cargo on top.

Expensive and too slim to store bedding inside.

At just 6.5 inches when it is closed the Roofnest Falcon is the tiniest model on our list, eclipsing even the appropriately named Low-Pro above. The aerodynamic design will be beneficial to the fuel consumption and cut the wind noise which could make a significant difference in your comfort on driving for long distances. The low-profile design isn’t all we like this tent. It’s made of aluminum The Falcon is the most durable Roofnest model (most hardshells are made of fiberglass as well as ABS) and is able to accommodate the standard roof rack the top of the tent, so that you won’t have to pick between your tent with your bicycle, surfboard or any other outdoor cargo. In addition, despite its compact and compact size it’s a great size. Falcon can be opened to a spacious 5-foot height. It’s the tallest of our models and provides excellent protection from the elements (just ensure that you are facing the tent against the wind). The most recent update (the “2”) comes with an improved breathable top shell as well as additional accessory channels along the sides, and more durable material in the tent’s body. However, the original formula stays the same.

The main drawback of the Falcon’s sleek silhouette is that you aren’t able to put the ladder or bedding in the tent once it’s packed and adds additional steps to the setting up and dismantling process. It’s still a sleek and user-friendly rooftop tent suitable to take on everything from weekend excursions to overlanding, and the sturdy materials are built to last many years of wear and tear. If you’re interested in the idea of storing your stuff on the roof but prefer the ease of having the ability to keep your bedding in when packing you should check the Roofnest Sparrow Adventure ($3,395) It comes with fiberglass shells as well as a 12-inch height for the packed. The other option is roofnest’s Condor Overland merges the robust aluminum shell of the Falcon with the large sleeping space in its Condor series. Additionally the Falcon is also available with the XL model which is 10 inches larger ($3,795) and an Pro version ($4,095) and includes a tent pole that is a second one to provide even more space inside.