ROAM 45QT Rugged Cooler ($289)

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022 From premium rotomolded models with excellent ice retention to wheeled designs for easy transport,

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42 qts. (39.7L)

24 lbs.

20, 65 qts.

Very rugged and fully featured.

A little more utilitarian than a YETI and less proven than the competition.

ROAM is primarily a roof tent manufacturer , and it is well-respected by serious outdoor enthusiasts such as overlanders and those who want to be off the grid. Their venture into coolers hasn’t been overlooked that combines the toughness and functionality that ROAM is well-known for with a variety of useful features. The 45QT model is their most sought-after size, and comes with a useful storage basket, a removable cup holder, an internal separator which can also be used as a cutting board as well as a bottle opener integrated as well as a variety of carry options and tie-down points. Additionally, all of the features are nicely integrated and come with the same sturdy and confident feel like other models in the appropriately called Rugged.

The 45QT Rugged Cooler is a great cooler with a lot going for it. It insulates effectively (ice retention is stated as being 8 days) It is also able to be able to withstand rough usage thanks to its tough rotomolded construction and is one of the best-equipped options available here. But, ROAM still is a relatively newcomer in this market of coolers, while its competitors such as YETI, RTIC, and other brands above provide similarly priced alternatives that have long histories to support them. A small (albeit completely subjective) criticism has to do with the fact that ROAM’s Rugged Cooler has a rather practical design, which is in line with ROAM’s broad focus however it detracts from its general appeal. However, this might be enough to convince some: ROAM backs their Rugged Cooler line with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer-made defects, which speaks about their overall quality.