Self-inflating mat


77 x 25 x 4.25 in. (L)


4 lbs. 6 oz.



What we like:

Pure camping luxury

What we don’t:

Around $50 pricier and narrower than REI’s Camp Dreamer below.

It’s not a revolutionary idea–a self-inflating mat that has soft foam as its core. However, the result is a camping experience of a lifetime. The most notable thing is that it’s MondoKing 3D is a substantial 4.25 inches thick and the sidewalls that are vertical permit you to take advantage of each and every inch of the 77-by-25-inch platform. The foam is soft and supple and the sturdy fabric is soft to the touch and extremely tear-resistant. In comparison to the previous version, the new MondoKing comes with Therm-a-Rest’s upgraded valves that have inflate and deflate functions to speed up setting up and dismantle and an offset foam design that has reduced around a pound in weight and makes it simpler to pack and compress.

It’s important to note that we’ve had the REI Camp Dreamer ranked here in the past and the MondoKing was able to take over this pad due to several reasons. Despite a price premium of $51 and a significantly narrower the platform (25 in. against. the REI’s ample 32-in. width) and the Therm-a-Rest is more substantial (by 0.25 inches. ) It also insulates slightly better (7 7. 6.6 R-values) and also has more cushioning. But the real clincher for us was durability: The Camp Dreamer has been plagued by reports of premature leaks and faulty valves, while the MondoKing’s components and build are decidedly premium and confidence-inspiring. For campers who are comfortable and go often out and need pads that will last We believe that The Therm-a-Rest is the best-rounded model currently available on the market.


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