REI Co-op Trailbreak ($75)

Double-wide and extremely comfortable, Exped’s premium self-inflating sleeping pad provides an excellent night's sleep for two

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Self-inflating mat

72 x 20 x 1.75 in. (Regular)

2 lbs. 8 oz.


Affordable and proven self-inflating design.

Too thin for side sleepers.

REI’s Trailbreak collection is targeted at the lowest-end of the market, and comes with every item from trekking poles and backpacks to sleeping and pillow bags. The Trailbreak mat is the brand’s cheapest camping mat, with a price of $75, however it’s not sacrificing much in terms of quality. For design purposes, you’ll get the basic and thin 1.75-inch self-inflating structure, sturdy materials on the sides and the top and color-coded deflation and inflation valves. It’s a basic pad but it’ll suffice for those who lie on their backs and aren’t very picky about their comfort.

The most significant red flag about the Trailbreak is the 1.75-inch thickness it is the 2nd-thinnest in our ranking (the Sea to Summit Camp SI below is 1.5 in.). In simple terms it’s the REI isn’t cushioned enough to be a viable option for sleepers on the side or who want a plush and supportive padding. For a little more than $50, the Camping Bed Below can be 0.75 inch thicker. It’s also five inches longer, and comes with more R-value (7.6 against. The Trailbreak’s 5.1). However, the Trailbreak is still a fantastic price for campers who are not often or those who are budget-conscious, as well as back sleepers, especially when you can pick one at a bargain price or apply the annual REI dividend.