Weight per pair:

1 lb. 1 oz.


Telescoping (lever lock)

Shaft material:




What we like:

Cheap yet functional.

What we don’t:

No-frills design isn’t ideal for serious hikers or tough terrain.

The Trailbreak line from REI Co-op targets the low-cost portion of the market. It offers everything from sleeping mats and bags all the way to backpacks. Its Trailbreak trekking pole, which is REI’s least expensive offering , and comes with almost all the features novice and occasional hikers require. It comes with an aluminum construction and a telescoping style with locks that are lever-like, as well as the grip is made of rubber. There’s nothing fancy here, no carbon or cork grip, no wrist strap that is padded, as well as the lock is as basic as they get. Furthermore that the Trailbreak can only be found in one size, though it’s adjustable between 41 and 55 inches. At $70, it’s hard to beat the price.

What is the price you pay for your REI Trailbreak? Sturdiness is a huge concession when it comes to heavy use and challenging terrain These poles are insignificant when compared to the construction of a tougher model, such as that of the Trail Ergo Black Diamond. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph the Trailbreak lacks options, which means you are missing out on some useful accessories like choke-up extensions as well as long-lasting materials like cork handles as well as more robust and more secure lever locks. If you are a stickler for well-known trails and need the basic balance and support, then the Trailbreak is sure to provide the necessary support. However, more experienced hikers and backpackers might want to consider the more expensive models. For more budget-friendly models that are well-constructed look into The Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 and Trail Explorer 3.

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