1 lb. 6 oz.


40, 60, 100, 140L

What we like:

A simple duffel at a great price..

What we don’t:

No backpack straps or internal storage.

f you’re looking for a basic storage solution and protection for your equipment The Rei Co-Op Roadtripper is among the top choices in this selection. For just $65 this bag is made of recycled polyester, and comes with the largest shoulder strap detachable and handles (no backpack-style straps that is a plus for those planning on carrying their bags for across long distances). We also like the light weight, which at 1 pound and 6 ounces, is an extremely light duffel available.

Who is the Roadtripper Duffel most suitable for? It’s a fantastic gear hauler for people who require space and security with no noises or bells. We’ve tested the 100-liter version on number of major trips that included the entire way into Patagonia (four flight) and have been pleasantly surprised. The bag is sturdy practical, durable, and has stood up to a fair amount of abuse and use. However it’s not waterproof (or at all water-resistant) and certainly not a complete bag suitable for travel. If you’re looking for greater protection and additional features such as interior storage compartments, side pockets and straps for backpacks We’d suggest this Patagonia Black Hole instead.


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