REI Co-op Outward Low Lawn Chair ($90)


23 x 24 x 26.5 in.

Seat height:

10 in.


6 lbs. 9 oz.

What we like:

A capable camping chair that looks the part at home too; quick and easy to set up.

What we don’t:

Underbuilt for regular outdoor use.

The chairs mentioned above appear to be perfect for outdoors However, ReI’s Outward Low Lawn Chair bucks the trend by presenting a modern, sleek design that is able to do double the duty of an outdoor patio as well as in your backyard. The wood armrests and the sleek seat made of nylon provide the chair with a clean and elegant appearance, while the sturdy aluminum frame provides an energizing, confident experience when you’re setting up camp in the woods or hanging out at the beach or having an outdoor cookout. Perhaps the most attractive feature is that the Outward is essentially effortless to put up and take away using a simple, yet effective bifold design, and transportability using the handle on top or the straps for backpacks that sit that are behind it. A bonus feature the single buckle at the top of the handle lets you store other items in the interior (like towels or additional layers) in the course of transport.

What is the reason we have this REI Outward Low Lawn Chair ranked in this list? Despite its multi-purpose design it’s less outdoor-ready than a lot of the other options here the ripstop nylon seat isn’t as breathable as mesh, and is more susceptible to revealing dirt and stains. Additionally, the wood armrests, while sleek, lack built-in storage to store a drink or phone. In addition, you’ll find greater comfort and support than those like the Alps King Kong or REI Camp Xtra above, however, it’s hard to deny the stylish design and easy-to-use set-up. We often choose this model over the REI over other chairs for camping (especially for shorter day journeys) because it’s easy and quick to open it and store away. Another option that is stylish and stylish includes higher seat height (12 inches.) and a carrying case included take a look at the Snow Peak Low Beach Chair.


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