19 x 22 x 22 in.

Seat height:

11 in.


1 lb.

What we like:

Lighter than the Helinox Chair Zero and costs $30 less.

What we don’t:

Super thin fabric has questionable durability.

The ever-growing REI Flexlite collection has grown to become extremely popular with campers and the Air is the lightest and compact design of the range. It features identical pole construction and poles as the regular Flexlite The Flexlite Air features the lighter fabric as well as smaller dimensions that can save 11 ounces of weight, measuring 1 pound overall. The changes affect general stability and comfort which makes the chair less suitable for camping and regular usage. However, for those looking to be compact or even add backpacking to it, weight reduction and compact size of the bag are huge advantages.

What is Flexlite Air compare to Helinox’s Chair Zero? Flexlite Air compare to Helinox’s Chair Zero above? Both weigh about the same, however, the REI has a lower price of $30 and is a bit more spacious design that allows you to sit in a more reclined position as opposed to the more upright-looking Chair Zero. We do like the Helinox’s more pronounced seat that provides a little more comfort, and The Chair Zero has a smaller stuff bag (4 14 inches x 4 inches. as opposed to the REI’s 5×16 in.). For durability it’s the Flexlite Air has a noticeably less durable fabric, and a shorter warranty (1 year, compared to five years for Helinox). Helinox). Both are fantastic chairs that require very little space however we prefer an edge to the Zero. Zero.


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