24 cans (with ice)


4 lbs. 7.5 oz.

Other sizes:

12, 18 cans

What we like:

Respectable performance and features for the price.

What we don’t:

Doesn’t stand out in any major way.

REI has a knack of finding the perfect balance between performance and price as well, which is why they have a knack for balancing affordability and performance, and their Cool Haul 24 is no exception. At a price of $130, you’ll get a sleek yet spacious design that occupies a small space in the backseat or trunk; excellent mobility via the side and top handles or the adjustable strap for your shoulder as well as a sturdy and soft-sided nylon bag that helps keep weight at a low level. Much like its counterparts with soft sides it comes with a REI bag also comes with daisy-chain webbing to secure any additional equipment, and an easy bottle opener. Additionally, since the Cool Haul’s insulated inner box is separate from its outer shell, cleaning is simple (the shell is also able to be used without the liner for a tote).

What’s the reason that Cool Haul 24 Cool Haul 24 fall short? In a highly competitive marketplace it’s difficult to distinguish yourself. For example this AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas above boasts similar capacity, but for $45 less, though you will get superior cooling capabilities when you buy the REI. On the other hand, on the higher side of the spectrum the brands such as YETI, RTIC, and Hydro Flask come with better insulation and more durable options which can result in a substantial increase in cost. However, it’s difficult to deny REI as a good choice. REI as a good budget-friendly option for smaller groups of people. The REI is also available in smaller 18- and 12-can model ($100 and $110 respectively) but both were out of stock as of the time of publication


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