Red Paddle Co Sport 11’3” ($1,749)




11′, 11’3”, 12’6”



What we like:

High-quality touring design that’s rigid yet lightweight.

What we don’t:

Expensive and needs more attachment points for long trips.

U.K.-based Red Paddle Co (RPC) is a market leading innovator in paddle board technology and design, offering an impressive variety of paddles that are inflatable that can be used for all kinds of activities, from windsurfing and whitewater as well as yoga, racing and. Its ride ($1,499) is among the top all-rounders available however the more long Sport is our top choice for those looking to travel further distances and at higher speeds. With a price of $1,749, the Sport is definitely costly, but the result is a top-quality touring model with a few competitors. You’ll get a small, 32-inch width that is ideal to cut through the water and a single fin to track (traveling in straight lines), 4.7 inches of platform to keep you grounded and in close proximity to the water and the Speed Tail for efficiency as well as mobility. Additionally, with three sizes: 11’0″ 11’3″ and 12’6″–you can adjust the length based on the weight you carry (remember to consider your gear too).

It’s not that any more expensive as an Red board, however, given the Sport’s cost it’s up to you to consider whether you really require this level of performance. In the end, models for touring such as those below like the Thurso Surf Expedition as well as the Star Photon below can get the job done for the majority of paddlers for a fraction of the cost. It’s tough to top the durability of the Red board (they test them with thorough testing, including over a wooden board using the weight of a 22.5-ton tractor) They are also covered by a five-year guarantee. Furthermore the Sport has additional stiffening battens on each rail on the side that provide more rigidity, but still maintain a lightweight weight (however they’re extremely difficult to slide into the out, that people typically do not bother). Overall it’s a great choice. Sport is an excellent option for fitness paddles or longer-lasting trips, if you’re willing to pay the price. For a deck that is larger to transport more gear for overnight trips and equipment, the Voyager is an increase in size with 12’6″ 13’2″ as well as 15’0″.


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