Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Purifier ($100)


Chemical purifier


3.8 oz.

Filter life:


What we like:

Can filter 60,000 liters with little upkeep.

What we don’t:

Less convenient than other chemical purification options.

This is something different: Potable’s Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier. It is different from other purifiers for chemical use that rely on chloroform or Iodine the Pure is a combination of salt water with an electrical charge to clean pollutants from the water. This is more commonly used in the municipal and military sectors rather than in the outdoor environment however we’ve also experienced it using MSR’s discontinued Miox. It’s generally an easy and lightweight setup that is able to purify 1 to 20 liters at a time It has a lifespan of 60,000 liters and is charged (slowly) with the included solar panel.

Pure Electrolytic Pure Electrolytic has the same disadvantages of all chemical treatment alternatives. It has a bad taste, takes about a half hour to complete its task (or 4 hours if you’re concerned about Cryptosporidium) It also doesn’t remove floaties as the filter could. Like all types of treatment for water that requires electricity, we suggest bringing an alternative option to the field in the event that the Pure fails to function properly. In all the Pure is interesting, but it’s not our top chemical purification method. We’ll stick to the more stable chlorine dioxide for most applications.

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