Platypus QuickDraw Microfilter System ($45)


Bottle filter


3.3 oz.

Filter life:

1,000 liters

What we like:

Fast flow rate, easy to clean, and durable materials.

What we don’t:

Cannot be used as an inline filter; oblong size is difficult to hold while running.

Platypus GravityWorks one of our most-loved water filters for groups. their QuickDraw provides a good solution for individual users. The QuickDraw is similar to designs such as those of Sawyer Squeeze above, threading onto an empty bottle or soft flask that has a standard opening (28mm) to purify water from your mouth, or into a separate container. The flow rate is impressive , at 3 milliliters each second (compared with the Sawyer of the Squeeze’s 1.7 L/min. ) Additionally, the QuickDraw is simple to clean, without the need for additional tools (we suggest watching Platypus the instruction video here). It is important to note that the Platypus bag is stronger than the bags of Sawyer and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy for water removal.

Its QuickDraw System is competitively light at 3.3 grams and comes with an incredibly soft, grippy exterior, with sturdy caps on both ends, providing the added strength and reducing the risk of contamination. However, where it is lacking lies in the simplicity. Unlike the Sawyer and the Platypus, the Platypus can’t be employed to filter inline which limits its the versatility. Additionally it has a filter lifetime of just 1000 liters it’s not even close in terms of durability. For a bottle that is a dedicated filter it’s the QuickDraw offers the Katadyn BeFree an equal amount of performance with a much more efficient flow rate and compatibility with all regular bottles (although its oblong shape does hinder its use it as a handheld when you’re running). Also the Platypus can also be purchased as an independent filter at a price of $35 (2.2 oz. ) this is an affordable cost for those who are using smartwater bottles or have an appropriate reservoir.

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