3 oz.

Max lumens:



AAA/rechargeable (sold separately)

What we like:

Easy to use and a good price.

What we don’t:

Average light quality and no red light option.

If you are planning to go camping or just for home use A simple headlamp such as one from Petzl Tikkina is a fine option, with 250 lumens of the maximum output from just one white LED. The central button is simple to locate and use while the beam’s power is sufficient for cooking at night or setting up tents during the night. Like Actik Core above, the Tikkina is compatible with Actik Core above, the Tikkina is compatible with Petzl’s Core rechargeable battery, but in this instance, it’s an accessory that can be available independently (for thirty dollars). If you’re planning to purchase rechargeable batteries however, we recommend Actik Core. Actik Core for $20 extra and with a higher lumen output. For the average user the Tikkina is a good value at $20. Tikkina is a great balance between performance as well as weight and price.

The Tikkina competes with our most budget-friendly pick that is that’s the Astro 300. Both are the same in terms of cost they both have IPX4 ratings and are designed to work with either AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries (the lithium-ion batteries of the two Petzl along with BD will cost more than $30). The two models don’t have the red light that some like to read at night, but the Astro is equipped with the option of locking out (helpful to prevent accidental battery loss) and is also lighter than the other models, is less bulky and has 50 lumens more brightness. It’s not difficult to make a mistake with Petzl (we’ve observed the headlamps of their brand to be durable and reliable) and the Tikkina is still a top-quality affordable alternative.

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