2.8 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Trail runners will love the strong light, low weight, and versatile battery design.

What we don’t:

Expensive; somewhat polarizing headband design.

Petzl is pushing limits of straps for a long time among their most recent inventions is the unique Iko Core. This sleek headlamp splits the weight in two parts: a battery pack at back and a slim headlamp that is joined by a semi-rigid band which tightens using an easy squeeze. The design helps to keep weight under control and comes with 500 lumens of lightoutput, the Iko is an absolute choice for running on trails. In addition, you receive Petzl’s rechargeable battery pack which can be swapped into three AAAs, keeping your running in an adventure race or ultramarathon.

It’s a great headlamp for mountain and trail running. Iko Core is somewhat pricey at $90 as we’ve encountered a tough to get used to its straps’ rigid design (pairing the strap with a hat or headband aids). It’s hard to find a more snug-fitting headlamp with this illumination, making it an ideal combination for serious mountain and trail athletes (the 500-lumen sprinter above weighs in at 2 12 oz. heavier). Additionally, the ability of the Petzl for mixing and flood lighting are an impressive improvement over its single-light source on the Sprinter. However, with a design that’s not ideal for everyday use (not to be uncomfortable for those who wear) The Iko Core is still a somewhat niche item. We’d choose a headlamp similar to that of the Sprinter or the more flexible BioLite above.


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