1.2 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

The lightest and most streamlined headlamp on our list.

What we don’t:

Lower light output and a little pricier than the Nitecore NU25 above.

In addition to Nitecore’s NU25 and Petzl’s Bindi is another ultralight design for minimalists as well as counters of ounces. Its Bindi weighs the tiniest style that we have reviewed at just 1.2 grams (0.7 oz. less than Nitecore) with a modern and sleek design to meet. The strap is thin and cord-like. makes the entire package very compact. It also has reflective threading to improve visibility in the dark. Like the Nitecore and Nitecore, the Petzl is incredibly simple to use , with just one button that allows you to switch between three lighting modes (proximity moving, proximity, and distance) as well as the red light to help night-vision and two locking features to stop it from turning on while it’s packed away in a backpack. Overall it’s a very capable UL choice that doesn’t sacrifice in terms of the features.

In the depths of the specs it is clear that the Petzl Bindi is able to provide the highest output of 200 lumens (compared to 360 lumens for Nitecore NU25), a maximum brightness of 200 lumens (compared to Nitecore NU25) and a maximum beam distance of 36m (the Nitecore reaches up to 81 meters) and can last as long as 50 hours at low settings (the NU65 can last up to 160)–all for just $8 more. With a higher output and longer runtime it is clear that the Nitecore is the best option for hikers who require illumination while hiking however, the Bindi is completely serviceable for use at camp when hiking. For a cord-equipped UL alternative at a less expensive cost, Black Diamond offers the Flare that is ideal for backup or emergency use. It is rated at 40 lumens and weighs at 1 ounces flat and is priced at $15 lower than $30. But, aside from the lower output it also has a lower max output. BD also operates on CR2032 (rather as rechargeable) batteries, which can make it a problem for some.

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