2.6 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Rechargeable, bright, and lightweight.

What we don’t:

Pricey and not super water resistant.

It’s 2022 the AAA battery is the norm. Numerous headlamps have complied with rechargeable USB designs, and Petzl’s Petzl Actik Core is by the far our top pick. It offers everything you need, offering 450 lumens at its maximum brightness, a lengthy battery life, with consistent performance across the duration of its burn (some headlamps dim out, however the Actik remains bright to the finish) It weighs less than 3 ounces and a user-friendly interface. The French-based Petzl is at the forefront of headlamp technology for a long time with their Actik Core is a case in the case.

USB-rechargeable models have limited utility for extended stays out in outdoors (unless you carry an external solar panel or power bank) However, the Actik Core is a great solution, in the form an battery pack that can be exchanged for AAA batteries. The headlamp was an excellent choice that we have used before, but this flexibility puts it at the top of our list of. The Petzl is so durable that it’s likely not to replace a dead battery. One charge lasts us for the duration of a six-day cycling trip through the San Juan Mountains (our BioLite 330 took multiple charges). The Actik’s water resistance isn’t groundbreaking (IPX4 protects against splashes and rain) and you’ll have to pay for all the premium technology for $70, but these aren’t major sacrifices to get an efficient headlamp that can last for a long the test of time.

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