Cooking method:


Average cook time:

10-15 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Tasty food with all the accoutrements.

What we don’t:

Short shelf life.

Packit Gourmet isn’t an established brand, but the tiny online store offers an extensive selection of products that includes pre-packaged meals and bulk dried ingredients individual sauces that are packaged as well as separate cook-in-bags that can be used for DIY dehydrated meals. There are more than 20 delicious meals (with various options for people with special dietary needs) which are more delicious than the majority of competitors. Packit is also meticulous about the small details like their Austintacious Tortilla soup comes with the lime powder and dehydrated jack cheese along with tortilla chips. Although the meals are listed as a single serving, it is worth taking an attentive look at the labels and you’ll see that some have more calories than meals with two servings from other brands.

Packit meals are packed in recyclable packaging This is a pleasant benefit, and their new pouches are slim and fit effortlessly into your bag. Unfortunately, the shelf-life of most meals is comparatively limited, only about a year and an hour. Certain meals also require you to bring the ingredients yourself: for instance The Big’un Burrito with Fajita Chicken comes with tortillas. However, at 114 calories per ounce, Packit meals offer an impressive calorific density for these unique, delicious meals, and we’re definitely looking forward to dinner every time we take one from our bag. And did we mention dessert?

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