Cooking method:


Average cook time:

10 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Healthy, all-natural meals that are low in sodium.

What we don’t:

Harmony House has a better selection of bulk ingredients.

Outdoor Herbivore may not have the fame of other brands such as Good To-Go or Mountain House However, they’re an excellent place to source for meals in the backcountry along with bulk food items. With a focus on more flavor , and less sodium (a frequent ingredient used in the preparation of backcountry meals) They offer various breakfasts and dinners that are an excellent blend of natural ingredients and calorific density. Additionally the meals are offered in single and double portions, which makes it an excellent alternative to have. There’s no shortage of healthy options to select from. The company based in Sacramento is proud to be 100% vegetarian, and more than 80 percent organic and completely natural.

A recent change to their packaging and packaging, most of Outdoor Herbivore’s meals are packaged in water-only pouches that you just need to add, eliminating the requirement to wash the pot or take an additional bowl. They also have a variety of meal combinations, which makes food preparation and shopping easy , with sets to suit everything from weekend getaways to epic 10-day trips. We tried a few of their meals on a recent trip backpacking through the Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and were delighted with the high-quality of the food and ingredients however, we were hungry after our meals specifically (many appear more like side dishes or salads rather than meals). However, you can always increase into a two-thirds portion Outdoor Herbivore is an excellent source for other essentials like instant pasta egg powder, dehydrated quinoa and much more.

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