OtterBox Venture 65 ($350)

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022 From premium rotomolded models with excellent ice retention to wheeled designs for easy transport,

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65 qts. (61.5L)

33 lbs.

25, 45 qts.

Superb ice retention, sleek design, and thoughtful features.

Rigid handles add some bulk; expensive for an injection-molded design.

OtterBox is most famous for their tough case for phones. However, they’ve also taken their manufacturing skills and made excellent hard-sided coolers. Its Venture 65 was quick to impress us it keeps drinks and food cool throughout the day It’s built with strength that is able to withstand almost every kind of activity and comes with useful features such as top-of-the-line latches that are easy to use and is stylish as well. We also like the functional, built-in mounting spots for accessories such as side tables, cup holders and cutting boards (for information, it’s an made of injection rather than rotomolded). In all, we think that the Venture is an extremely elegantly designed premium ice chest that is and a very close rival to that of the Tundra 65.

On the other hand the handles of the Venture 65 are sturdier (rather rather than rope) and aren’t foldable like the majority of competitors. This can add some weight and makes the cooler difficult to carry for one person. Additionally, the huge capacity of carrying 65 quarts, and 33 pounds weight (4 4 lbs. more than the similar-sized Tundra) may seem like a lot for most uses however we’ve found it to be an ideal size for weekend excursions for groups of two to four persons. The OtterBox’s injection-molded construction is a step down in terms of durability and robustness, when compared to the premium rotomolded alternatives from brands such as YETI and ORCA however it still costs reasonable amount, though it’s been proven to be extremely robust throughout tests. If you don’t plan on using this much space, OtterBox also makes this cooler in 45- and 25-quart versions with the same style and features.