28 cans (without ice)


6 lbs. 8 oz.

Other sizes:

16 cans (12 qts.)

What we like:

Generously sized opening, heavy-duty base, and good structure.

What we don’t:

Expensive, fairly heavy, and finicky latch.

A natural rival to the Walker Tote from ORCA above the Trooper 20 is designed to strike an equal balance with regard to build quality and toughness, portability and features. In our first time using the Trooper we quickly realized the hugely wide opening that is shut with a latch. This allows quick and easy to reach food and drinks. Another useful feature is the sturdy, durable base that feels like a resemblance of a hard-sided cooler (although it’s not able to double as a seat , like coolers made of hard plastic can). In addition to the features is an outside pocket that is water-resistant to store small items, an the bottle opener is included, as well as a food-grade liner which is easy to wash.

However, the OtterBox Trooper 20’s finest features aren’t as well organized as we’d like at this cost. Although we like the size and function of the opening but we found the closure latch to be quite finicky. The plastic structure is susceptible to being stretched and warped when exposed to sunlight or cold. This can cause it to be difficult to close and open. It’s also possible to eliminate the mounting system for accessories, which works with only some add-ons that aren’t really helpful for the majority of. Additionally, the three-day ice retention claims seem a bit too ambitious. We’d say it’s about one or two days at maximum during favorable conditions. Also, the OtterBox is at the higher and more expensive end, weighing 6 pounds and 8 ounces, which is 250 dollars. Also, we believe that most people will be happy by saving money by purchasing the ORCA and one or more of the more compact and lightweight models listed below.


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