40 qts. (37.9L)


30 lbs.

Other sizes:

20, 26, 58, 75, 140 qts.

What we like:

Nice balance of capacity, features, and portability; comes in a wide selection of sizes.

What we don’t:

Not a standout value; stiff T-handle latch.

ORCA (Outdoor Recreation Company of America) isn’t as well-known similar to YETI however, ORCA is a Tennessee brand has garnered an ardent following of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts. Their 40-quart cooler is a premium model that gives models that are rotomolded here a price for what they offer. The flexible handles on the sides allow for easy carrying and we also discovered the pocket on the exterior to be an excellent option for small objects such as Koozies, kitchen tools, and even a bottle opener. Beginning at 20 quarts and increasing to 140 quarts, there’s an ORCA cooler to suit just about anything.

What is the reason that pushes this ORCA 40 off our top list? First, it’s value at 320 dollars, for the 40-quart size the ORCA is just $5 more than YETI’s similar-sized Tundra 45, and is $120 higher than our top-rated (and more spacious) RTIC 52 Ultra-Light. In fairness, ORCA is rotomolded, which means that it’s more durable. ORCA is rotomolded. This means it has a longer-lasting durability than the RTIC that is injection-molded and the cargo net in the back of the unit is a useful way to store small objects. One final issue is that the standard rubber T-handle is hard and brittle as compared to its rivals such as the YETI Tundra above and the OtterBox Venture below. Also, ORCA coolers aren’t as readily available on the internet or in brick and mortar shops like YETI. However, if you’re able to track one it’s worth the effort. ORCA is a great all-arounder.


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