9’10”, 10’3”, 10’8”, 11’



What we like:

Premium quality and comes in four sizes to accommodate a wide range of paddlers.

What we don’t:

Expensive for recreational paddlers.

Its iRocker All-Around above can suffice for the majority of recreational paddlers however for the top of the crop take a look at the NRS Thrive. It is an excellent stand-up paddleboard made by one of the most renowned names in boating. It has the most durable construction and a numerous features to suit all kinds of river running, from multi-day excursions. In contrast to other boards here, which fill up to 12-15 psi it pumps to a robust 20 (higher pressure equals more rigidity) and has there is a release of pressure in the inflation/deflation valve protects against over-filling. With two sets of fins, including a three-piece thruster set as well as a single touring skeg you can adjust the speed and stability according to your preferences and requirements, which provides an array of options for both experienced and novice paddlers of all levels.

With a pricey cost of $1,245 (not including a paddle nor a leash) You’ll need to decide if you really need an eminently performance-oriented design. Paddlers who are mostly casual (that’s the majority of us) can save lots of money, but suffer a small tradeoffs on boards like the iRocker above. Additionally, if you’re looking to invest in you should consider a board similar to that of the Red Paddle Co Sport is an ideal (read more efficient) option for traveling. However, those who want to get the most value of an all-purpose board will appreciate the Thrive’s flexibility and high-end build quality as well as its solid setup for use in expeditions. It also is available in four lengths, that means you’ll get an ideal fit, regardless of the shape of your body or weight. NRS is a favorite for boaters of all kinds and all NRS’ inflatable boats come with 3-year guarantee.


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