Cooking method:


Average cook time:

8-12 minutes

Calories per ounce:


What we like:

Unique dehydrating process and surprisingly calorie- and protein-packed.

What we don’t:

Limited selection and not the best value.

A tiny company started by an adventurous foodie in British Columbia, Nomad Nutrition serves nutritious meals that are based on the whole food ingredient. Even though they are predominantly plant-based and 100% dairy- and gluten-free, Nomad’s meals are surprisingly calorieand protein-packed which is why they top our list of the top choices with 160.5 calories per one ounce, and at least 15 grams of protein per package. Additionally, Nomad has a different approach through their own dehydrating process known as REVdry, which removes the necessity for preservatives, and keeps the ingredients list pure and low on sodium (a uncommon feature among competitors).

Comparatively with Peak Refuel above, Nomad Nutrition’s meals are slightly higher in calories per ounce and they are able to achieve this without having the use of a single dish made from noodles. However, while two hikers are able to sharing the Peak Refuel pouch however, Nomad’s similar-priced meals are likely to only serve one person (they average around 600 calories for each pouch) which makes them more expensive by a significant margin. For some , it could be worth the cost: looking inside the Nomad Nutrition bag is an dream for those who are clean eaters, featuring a rainbow of healthy food options like broccoli, potatoes peppers, corn peas, and many more. Overall, the company is off to a positive beginning, and we’re eager to see where they’re going.

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