1.9 oz. (w/strap)

Max lumens:




What we like:

Superlight yet still quite bright.

What we don’t:

Not as much tilt as other headlamps.

For minimalists as well as true ounce-counters Our top ultralight headlamp for 2022 is Nitecore NU25. With just a little less than 1 one ounce for the lamp (more about the strap in the next section) It’s a light that’s Nitecore is extremely bright with a max output of 360-lumens and is rechargeable through micro USB. We’ve also found it to be remarkably user-friendly (this is a frequent issue among users of headlamps) With just one option for white and another for the red beam. Overall, as an emergency light that is powerful or for those looking to carry as little burden on their backs the NU25 is a powerful and affordable alternative.

Remember it is Nitecore NU25 Nitecore NU25 has four brightness settings that are 360, 190, 38 and 1 lumen. There’s no dimming option which is a pity however, it’s something we’ll get used to. Regarding it’s strap, Nitecore option adds almost one ounce at 1.9 pounds it is lighter that the BioLite 200 we’ve mentioned previously. However, Nitecore is more powerful. Nitecore is the most efficient with 5 hours of runtime at very high (190 lumens) as opposed to BioLite’s three hours at 200 lumens. For true minimalists and hikers, Litesmith makes a shoestring-style headband for the NU25, which weighs only .18 grams (you can also make it yourself using the help of a shockcord) and brings the entire configuration to 1.17 ounces in total. If you’re looking for a different UL alternative, check out the Petzl 1.2-ounce Bindi below.


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