Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair Review


27 x 36 x 44 in.

Seat height:

7 lb


13 lbs.

What we like:

Fun to sit in, fully featured, and highly comfortable.

What we don’t:

Pricey and requires considerable time to set up and pack away.




Comfy and Dimensions

The name implies, Nemo’s Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is a unabashedly high-end camp chair that puts an importance on the comfort. The design blends the functions of a hammock, recliner as well as a rocking chair into one. It features a mostly mesh structure suspended from an aluminum frame that permits users to move back and forward, tilt back or stand upright based upon the location you set your feet and back. The swinging movement is smooth and smooth and it’s simple to lean back and stretch out. The chair’s armrests and headrests are cushioned, comfortable and extremely comfortable. The mesh that runs along the body is extremely thick, but extremely breathable. I’ve never had a back that sweats even in temperatures that were of 80 degrees Fahrenheit The chair dried quickly when I misplaced the chair out in a sudden rainstorm during my camping trip in the southern part of Utah.


In terms of size in terms of dimensions, in terms of dimensions, the Stargaze is large in size and is a good match for other popular comfort-oriented chair for camping with 27 inches of length and 36 inches wide with 44 inches of height. Nemo does not offer an exact height measurement from the ground to the seat (the distance between on the floor to seat’s lowest point) however I did measure the chair at 20 inches, which is a bit high for a camping chair but is still relatively simple to get in to and out. The Stargaze has some hammock-like feeling due to a small dip in the bottom. You must fall down to sit down , then create some energy to get up. However, the armrests come with a designated, labeled bar (“hold here to stand and sit”) which provide decent support. Once you’re seated in the chair, the Stargaze is very comfortable and comfortable sitting position, regardless of whether you’re in a straight position or fully reclined.


Leg Designs and Stability

The design of the legs on the Stargaze sacrifices some stability to enable the rocking feature but it’s solid and stable overall. The four legs, which are connected to the upper part of the frame by an unbent, horizontal pole strong, sturdy and spaced far enough that the chair can feel safe even on rough, uneven terrain. The top of the seat is connected to the arms using steel “Super Locks” and sits well in its place. I’ve not had problems with the locks breaking abruptly or the seat disengaging or separating from the frame. The Stargaze is a bit behind more conventional designs such as the Alps Mountaineering’s King Kong in terms of overall support and structure, however Nemo included all moving parts well. I’ve never felt tipping or off balance.

The weight and packability

The weight and portability of a chair aren’t the top factors for most campers – they’re more to backpackers who are lugging their gear into the wilderness. We appreciate it when camping chairs are easy to transport and put away well in an open storage box on the roof, or in a trunk. In this instance, the Stargaze weighs 7 pounds, which does not feel too heavy to travel short distances, however it is at the heavier side of the spectrum for camping chairs. To give you an idea, you could cut down on weight and bulk by using simple alternatives like Nemo’s Moonlight (1 1 lb. 14 oz. ) It reclines, but isn’t rocking or more conventional designs such as REI’s Flexlite (1 1 lb. 11 oz.) as well as Flexlite Air Chair (1 1 lb.). However, the Stargaze begins to appear much more attractive when compared against other top and well-equipped models, such as the Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair (13 lbs. 5 oz.) and GCI Outdoor’s FreestyleRocker (12 pounds. ).


With regard to packing in terms of packing capacity, the Stargaze occupies a large amount of space when it’s packed away (folded dimensions are 23.5 x 6.5 inches x 6.5 In.). I’ve never had any issues packing it into my trunk or in my van’s overcrowded rear storage area, though it will require some careful packing from time to time. To be honest it’s true that the Nemo is a bit smaller than the previously mentioned yeti Trailhead (43 10×8 inches.) as well as the GSI Freestyle rocker (35 25 x 24 x 5 in. ) I like that it has a rather narrow form which makes it easy to maneuver into tighter space. Overall the additional bulk feels as a reasonable compromise for the Stargaze’s impressive features set, top-of-the-line quality of build, and comfort (more about this later).


Key Design Features

Simply put it, the Stargaze is equipped with everything we’d think of in a camping chair for this price. As we discussed in the previous paragraph, one of Stargaze’s most notable features is its capability to recline or rock with only a little effort. In addition, the armrests and headrests are well-padded, and you can store your items with a cup holder on one end and a pocket for stash on the other. This cupholder big enough to hold the standard beer or soda can, while the pocket for stashing can be used to store valuable items such as car keys and even a big smartphone (my iPhone 11 Pro Max can fit with plenty of room). To complete the storage bag, the case comes with an additional pocket in case you wish to store anything that you can’t carry while it is stowed, like an lamp for your head.


Build Quality and Durability

Nemo is known for its design quality and attention to details, and this is evident clear in the Stargaze. It is well-constructed and sturdy, starting with the strong aluminum frame to the comfortable armrests and the headrest. As I said earlier the body’s mesh structure allows for breathability and thickness: I’ve unintentionally packed and unpacked the chair many times more than I can remember and never worry about it breaking or getting snagged or tearing the bottom. The bottom and back haven’t gotten sweaty even in the hottest temperatures in summer. After two months of continuous usage the Stargaze is not showing any evidence of wear. The body hasn’t begun to fade even with regular exposure to the sun, it’s in excellent condition with no scratches and all moving parts remain in good working order. I’ll be updating this review should any issues occur and all indications indicate that Stargaze will last for a long duration. It’s also a significant price at $220, but the build’s confidence-building qualities do help justify the price.


Setup and take down

Because of its unique multi-purpose design due to its unique multi-function design, the Nemo Stargaze recliner required a considerable period of time put together and take down at first. It’s not all bad, however, Nemo does include detailed and illustrated instructions in the bag that you carry it in that I’m now capable of setting it in less than 90 minutes. When you have removed the frame in the bags, take out the frame, and then place every metal piece (including the four legs with shock cords as well as two arm) into the nearest hub socket. After that, remove the frame and place both of the metallic “Super Locks” at the arms to at the very top of the frame. and then slide them into grooves to secure them into the frame. Then, you can insert the poles that support the headrest by inserting them into the housings made of fabric on the rear of the seat, and then putting the top ends into the pockets on the top. Then, pulling the pockets back enough for the poles to be secured require some strength in grip however it’s never been an issue for me.


When it’s time to pack it up then taking apart the Stargaze is a simple matter of reverse-setting the setup process. My main complaint is that it’s a bit difficult to place the chair back in its case every time. It takes careful positioning to position each component of the frame in a way that the zipper of the bag can close while the frame will not be able to fit unless it’s folded the correct method (lengthwise first, and then fold the headrest inwards). It’s not too much of a problem for those who are staying in one spot for a long time and you can leave your gear outside in the open, however, if you’re planning to relocate camp each night and set up, the more complicated setup and tear-down procedures can become somewhat difficult. If you’re anticipating this to be an issue suggest choosing a more conventional and easy-to-fold model like Alps’ King Kong or REI Co-op’s Camp X, both are able to be pulled open or packed into a few minutes.


What We Like

  • Comfortable and versatile It’s a great choice for those who want to be flexible and comfortable. Stargaze is well-padded on the arms and headrests and provides a comfortable seating posture that is comfortable to relax in and is able to both recline and rock.
  • Mesh body is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant , yet it allows for good air circulation and is quick drying.
  • Excellent build quality, with strong aluminum frames with a thick and durable mesh seat, as well as confidence-inspiring components all around.
  • The chair has the standard accessories we’d think of at this level and includes a functional storage space as well as a solid appearance, and solid carrying case.

What We Don’t

  • It’s a steal at $220.
  • The process of setting up and packing the Stargaze are a bit of a hassle and getting it into its storage case requires concentration and patience.
  • The seat’s bottom is slightly lowered and gives it a an enveloping feel. It can also make it slightly difficult.
  • It is fairly heavy at 7 pounds, it is also bulky when taken down.


Comparison Table

Nemo The Stargaze Recliner $220 Comfort 27 37 inches by 36 inches by 44 inches. 20 in. 7 lbs. 300 lbs.
ENO Lounger DL Chair $125 Comfort 23 32 x 37 inches. 3/10 in. 4 lbs. 10 oz. 250 lbs.
Big Agnes Big Six Armchair $200 Comfort 24 26 inches by 40 inches. 20 in. 4 lbs. 2 oz. 300 lbs.
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker $65 Comfort 24 25 inches x 25 inches x 35 inches. 19.7 in. 12 lbs. 250 lbs.
Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair $300 Comfort 30 x 36 x 25 inches. 17 in. 13 lbs. 5 oz. 500 lbs.
Nemo Moonlight $140 Lightweight 26 20x20x20 in. 10.5 in. 1 lbs. 14 oz. 300 lbs.

Editor’s Notification: “Height” is the measurement of the distance from the floor to the seat’s lowest point.

The Competition

Nemo’s Stargaze is an original product to the market for camping chairs and is our most coveted premium design of the season. However, if you love the design but don’t desire the option to recline or rock hammocks, the brand ENO offers a different option with the form of their Lounger DL chair. Like the Stargaze chair, the Lounger’s seat is suspended over the frame and gives an incredibly relaxing and comfortable experience. It also comes with a practical set of features that include cups as well as two pockets for your cargo as well as a pillow. we like the leg-length adjustment system that can be extended up to 10 inches when camping, or reduced to 3 inches for beach trips or for concerts. The main issue with The Lounger DL is its durability. Featuring an extremely thin seat of 210 denier nylon It’s noticeably less padded and less confident in comparison to the Stargaze. However, if you’re taking good care of it, you’ll find that the ENO is a comfy lightweight, light-weight and enjoyable alternative that costs cheaper than Nemo.

For less than an hour less Stargaze, Big Agnes The Big Six Armchair is another very comfortable and well-built choice. We love its high back, cradle like seating which offer a wide but natural sitting location. Big Six Big Six is also considerably lighter than the Nemo at just under 4 pounds, and is easy to set up and take down (although the pole with shock cords will require an assembly). But The Big Six is fairly bereft of features, with two cup holders, but there are no pockets for storage or padding at the armrests or head. The bottom line is that, with the Nemo’s extra features and more features we believe it’s the best value for money for this price


If you are a fan of the rocking capabilities of the Stargaze It’s also worth looking into GCI Outdoor’s Freestyle Rocker. In this instance, GCI utilized a spring-action tube that runs along the rear of the chair, that is excellent for stability, but it can also become noisy and is more at risk of failing with time. Additionally it is also a bit heavy. Freestyle Rocker is heavy at 12 pounds, which is quite bulky to transport, and has smaller dimensions that the Nemo and a significantly smaller seat. With these shortcomings We believe that the Nemo the better rocking style, but the GCI still offers a great budget alternative for price of just $155.

On the extreme side of the spectrum Yeti provides a unique alternative to Their Trailhead Camp Chair. At first glance it’s important to note that the Trailhead isn’t as fun of the Stargaze with its more traditional foldable design. it’s priced higher at $300 , and heavier at 13 pounds and 5 pounds 5 ounces. But it is worth noting that the Trailhead offers one distinct benefit over the Nemo in terms of ease of use. In comparison to the more complex Stargaze it is a breeze to use. Trailhead can be expanded and folded away in a matter of seconds and requires minimal effort to set up and then pack away. If you’re someone who values ease of use and speedy setup above all else, then the Yeti may be worth the additional cost. For the same convenience and durability, with a lower cost and more flexible product We recommend the Nemo. If you’re looking for a product that has the classic design and shape for this Trailhead but don’t wish to spend a hefty arm and foot, Alps’ popular King Kong is a cheaper and more affordable (albeit less lavish) alternative.


The last but not least is an option in-house to think about: Nemo’s own Moonlight. At a cost of $80 less than the Stargaze Moonlight, the Moonlight has the capacity to recline, but it does not have the rocking feature of its higher-priced counterpart. Other notable differences are smaller dimensions (including the narrower and shorter seat) there is no headrest, Armrest cushion, there are no cup holders space or cups holders and simpler carry case. Additionally, it costs less than the Stargaze, the Moonlight is less expensive than the Stargaze significantly in weight, at 1 pound 14oz and weighs in at a much smaller size. If you’re short on space or want to take your chair over longer distances The Moonlight offers lots of appeal. If you’re able to accommodate the Stargaze We believe the additional features, convenience and practicality are worth the cost.

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