Nemo Quasar 3D ($200)

Double-wide and extremely comfortable, Exped’s premium self-inflating sleeping pad provides an excellent night's sleep for two

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Air mat

76 x 25 x 3.5 in. (LW)

2 lb. 1 oz.


Impressively light and packable.

 A step down in durability and comfort compared with self-inflating options.

As a distinct different direction from the top-rated pads we’ve reviewed above Nemo’s Quasar 3D is a pure air mat. There’s not a single piece of foam in the design. It’s true that it’s not as good as the convenience of self-inflating models like the Therma-Rest MondoKing and Exped MegaMat, the Quasar is a big step ahead in terms of weight and dimensions. To give you an example, it’s nearly two pounds less than MondoKing and can be packed down into a fraction its size, though you lose 1.25 millimeters of thickness and a decent level in protection (the 3.3 R-value isn’t the best for use during the three seasons). However, camping gear isn’t light and out of reach fast, and those who are limited in space inside their car or storage closets will appreciate the compactness.

But there are fundamental tradeoffs when shaving so many pounds and bulk. The most notable is that the Quasar comes with a comparatively thin shell of 30D (most camping mats in the list have 50D or more) and requires extra attention to prevent a puncture. Additionally it is the case that the Quasar isn’t a huge space for a mat to camp on. For comparison this model “Long wide” model on this list is only 25 inches in width it is comparable with the majority of models’ standard sizes (the standard Quasar is also narrower, measuring 20 inches.). However, if you’re looking to include backpacking into the mix then the Nemo is among the few crossover options that are viable to take on shorter backcountry treks.